We all know it’s wet, but have you heard about the rodent plague happening right now? For whatever reason, residences are being inundated with an extreme number of rodents, prompting an increase in the amount of rat bait being laid. As a result we are seeing a higher number of rat bait toxicity cases in local cats and dogs.
This poison causes uncontrolled bleeding which may not be obvious from the outside. A very small amount is enough to endanger their life.
Keep your pets safe by:

– Keeping them well away from any bait laid on your property, or exploring other means of pest control
– Reducing off-lead activity or time unsupervised on other peoples properties. Consider muzzling dogs for walks.
– Monitoring them closely for signs of illness (lethargy, abnormal behavior, not eating, collapse)

Contact the clinic immediately if you think your pet could have ingested rat bait 63 552272