Veterinary reception staff are the heartbeat of any animal clinic or hospital, providing the crucial link between pet owners and veterinary professionals. With warm smiles and compassionate hearts, they greet both furry friends and their human companions, creating a welcoming atmosphere in what can sometimes be a stressful environment. Beyond their cheerful demeanor, these dedicated individuals possess a wealth of knowledge about pet care, appointment scheduling, and administrative tasks, ensuring smooth operations within the clinic. Whether answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, or offering a comforting word to worried pet parents, veterinary reception staff play an integral role in supporting both the health and happiness of beloved pets and their owners.

Small Animals at Hartley Valley

Head Receptionist - Tyler De Losa

Meet our Head Receptionist Tyler, the organisational maestro ensuring a seamless front desk experience. With a keen eye for detail and warm professionalism, she handle inquiries, manage appointments, and create a welcoming atmosphere. Tyler is a multitasking expert committed to excellence and sets the tone for positive and memorable interactions.

Assistant Practice Manager

Joss joined the team in 2023. She’s the warm and welcoming face you will encounter when arriving at our clinic, always ready with a friendly smile. At home Jocelyn, her husband Mick and children all love attending to their menagerie which includes four dogs, two horses, a bearded dragon and a bustling flock of chickens and roosters. 

Alice Honter - Reception

Alice is originally from Victoria but now resides in Portland with her husband, two children and German Shorthair Pointer – Moose. When Alice is not working, she enjoys baking, watersports and spending time with her family.

Alice is looking forward to meeting you and all your pets.


Ellie - Receptionist

She has been working with animals for over 5 years with experience in animal welfare, veterinary medicine and dog grooming. Ellie is passionate about animals with a keen interest in canine behaviour and training. When she isn’t in the clinic, Ellie loves climbing, camping, hiking and diving.